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“A lot of the time with eating disorders, people see it as a phase that someone is going through. People need to understand and to take it as seriously, because there are things that you can do to help!”

Hope Virgo

About Hope

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Hope is a mental health campaigner and author and an ambassador for the Shaw Mind Foundation. Hope suffered with anorexia for over 4 years, before being admitted to a Mental Health Hospital in 2007. She lived in the hospital for a year, fighting one of the hardest battles of her life. Since being discharged, she has fought to stay well.

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Hope is now at the stage of 'ongoing recovery' and wants to use her experiences of mental health illness to champion the rights of others, inspire them to get well, and help break the stigma of mental illness.

Hope Sky

‘I know how anorexia makes you feel: you think she is your friend, you think she can solve everything and make you feel amazing … but she will destroy you and everything around you, piece by piece.’


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For four years, Hope managed to keep it hidden, keeping dark secrets from friends and family. But then, on 17th November 2007, Hope's world changed forever. She was admitted to a mental health hospital. Her skin was yellowing, her heart was failing. She was barely recognizable. Forced to leave her family and friends, the hospital became her home. Over the next year, at her lowest ebb, Hope faced the biggest challenge of her life. She had to find the courage to beat her anorexia.

In Stand Tall Little Girl, Hope shares her harrowing, yet truly inspiring, journey. Through her letters and diary entries, Hope tells us how she fought from rock bottom to beat the ‘friend’ that had controlled and nearly destroyed her life. The story of Hope's recovery will inspire countless others.

So, if you need motivation and belief to overcome an eating disorder, Stand Tall Little Girl is the best place to start.

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Published by Trigger Press in partnership with The Shaw Mind Foundation
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Interview with Hope explaining where her anorexia came from.
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'Stand tall, little girl' is a 'must read' for anyone who is experiencing the misery of anorexia nervosa or knows someone who is.
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Public speaking and consultancy work

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Hope does talks in hospitals, schools and businesses and would love to share her story with you. She adapts her talks to the audience but her general structure is sharing her personal experience followed by a question and answer session.

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The 2017 Mental Wealth Festival

The Mental Wealth Festival is a three-day festival of talks, debates, seminars and mindfulness, celebrating many aspects of life that contribute to people’s mental wellbeing. This year the festival is taking place from 12-14th September 2017 in venues at City Lit in Covent Garden, the Houses of Parliament and The National Gallery. We will explore the “human face of wellbeing”, moving beyond mental health statistics and policies and to encounter real stories, discovering how we can achieve and celebrate mental wealth.

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Please note: Hope is not allowed to provide any medical advice.

If you need immediate support and are situated in the United-Kingdom please contact www.b-eat.co.uk or www.shawmindfoundation.org.

For worldwide information please contact www.nationaleatingdisorders.org.

"Recovery is possible! Take each step, each meal, each mouthful at a time"
- Hope Virgo

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